Our Radiologist

All of our radiologists are certified by the American Board of Radiology and trained in the United States. We have a growing team of radiologists with specialty training and subspecialty training to meet all your radiology staffing needs.

Our approach allows us the flexibility to provide you with uninterrupted coverage throughout the year. Our skilled professionals place an emphasis on meeting your needs, and ensuring that your referring physicians and patients are given proper care and attention. At EliteRAD, we understand that we have THREE clients: the patient, the referring physician, and YOU. Our emphasis is on ensuring satisfaction in ALL of our clientele.

Their C.V.’s are available in our References page upon request, and as always, they are available for ANY questions.


Sean M. Mahan, MD


Jonathan C. Eugenio, MD


Robert H. Hardage, Jr., MD


Joseph J. Kavanagh, MD


Ali Badday, MD


Shahin Korangy, MD


Jay Park, DO

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